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The new Momoko is here! Or, at least, announced on the official website. ^^

Momoko has a lover from outer space, and dressed “techno pop” for him.

I like her. Not the “I totally want her, now!” kind of like. But I really like that she is original and has a lot of personnality. She doesn’t look like any previously released Momoko, and I really like that. I think her clothes might be popular. She has a strong retro look. Not what I prefer, but it’s nice. It certainly looks great on her. I also like that she’s got the new T-strap pumps. They look nice in that black&white design. Things I like best from her stock outfit: the tights (purple tights!) and her clear bracelet.

I’m not so much into the doll itself… really, that hair ?? :s Is it getting popular again? First there’s the PK023 Pinky Street, and now the new Momoko… I’m really not into that kind of hair. Plus I think it prevents from really enjoying her face-up. She’s got purple eyes, a straigt look (which is nice for a change), a make-up that seems pretty, I should love that! But no, something gets in the way. And it might be her hair. That said, it doesn’t look as bad on the pictures where it’s a little “pointy”. I hope she will come that way and not with the “helmet” hairstyle. I guess we’ll see when she comes out…

I really hope she will get a positive welcome, because as I said I really like the fact that she stands out. She’s a really nice concept. And isn’t she pretty on the picture above?


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