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Funny surprise

I went back to the Odeco & Nikki event today. I wanted to take part in the lottery, and it was the last day to do so. And I had the suprise to find Siu Ding there! For those who wouldn’t know here, she’s the one behind Ixtee. She’s really nice, I’ve had the occasion to meet her a few times before while she was in Japan (for the Dollshow). I didn’t know she was in Japan now. She almost scared me: I was looking at something and suddenly I felt something jumping in my back. I turned and saw it was her! They’re in Japan for a few days for some holidays. She heard about the deconiki event and since she likes those dolls (it seems she has many) she thought she would go see it. They took some pictures, you should go check her Flickr maybe she will upload them later.

Saddly she won’t be here at the next Dollshow, there have been problems with her application. But she will come back at the end of April for another event. Their common brand with Momolita, Mottee, should be launched in April. I can’t wait to see what they will create! The drafts I got a glimpse of when I last saw Momolita-san were very exciting. 🙂

In Flickr-oriented news, one of the friends I was with today took a panoramic picture of the Mike Odeco-chan & Nikki (the one of a kind dolls). I don’t have it right now, but as soon as I can I will get a copy and upload it on Flickr. 🙂

And just to let you know, I went to the Momoko Ninita event on Monday, and have lots of pictures and news to share from there (future releases!!). Some of you probably already saw them on Japanese blogs. I’ll talk about it as quickly as I can.

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