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Odeco & Nikki patterns

Here are the patterns that you can find in the last issue of DollyDolly magazine (vol.19).

They were exhibited on Petworks’ booth at the Dollshow. They were using the exact same display they used for the magazine. The outfits are from allnurds. They were selling a colour variation at their own booth:

And at A-line’s booth we could see the outfits they made for DollyDolly magazine vol.18. I had shown a crapy picture from the magazine at the time. Here is a better one:

As usual you can find all pictures from those booths on my Flickr stream.

P.S.: by the way Songes de poupées will be moving soon. I’ll let you know as soon as I have the new address.


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Dollshow 25 ~ CCS

Petworks was showing the samples of the next CCS collection (for this autumn). Here is a selection of pictures, you can see the others on my Flickr (I’m not showing all color variations here).

(note the reappearance of the high boots)

Once again this new collection is very different from the previous ones. I don’t love all the pieces, but I do appreciate their originality.

They didn’t know yet whether the collection would be sold as a set or each pieces separately. I surely hope those will be separates! First, because I want to dream and I want other people to dream also. The sets are too constraining, you can’t buy a piece at a time (and they’re sold through preorder only, which means you have to buy them and then wait for half a year to get your clothes!). And while the idea of a unique set destined to give you a doll and basic pieces is nice, if they do it each time you can’t really talk of “starting sets” anymore.

And here is a pic of the yukata girls to come out this summer (the others are here).

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Dollshow 25

Last Sunday was the Dollshow, once again. You can guess that by then I was back from Kyoto and ready for hours of dolly craziness. ^^ The day was a little more difficult, as I hadn’t had much sleep the last days in Kyoto (I’m pretty sure our room had bad vibes, as time went by my sleep got worse and worse, to end with almost no sleep and a horrible nightmare the last night… :s) and getting up early and standing up for hours left me totally exhausted in the evening. But all the pretty things and nice chat with dolly people really made up for it, and once again I spent a great day!

Highlights of the day:
– lots of beautiful dolls/clothes/accessories
– really nice people that I enjoy seing at events
– looooots of pictures taken back home (my camera says 663 pics… O_O )
– lots of dolly news to share
– explanation of the Jun Planning/Groove thing
– a good entrance ticket (n°80)!
– tea time with two friends afterwards (scone & cinnamon roll with hot chocolate, yummy!)

Of course as usual I plan to upload all the pictures I took on my Flickr, although it might take some time. And I plan to write a few separate reports here about what I saw. Part of it deserves more details than just pictures.
Here’s a teaser to help you wait:
– description of the prototype Pullip/Taeyang/Dal/Byul dolls exhibited (no pictures allowed :()
– next Momoko CCS collection (autumn/winter 2009)
– new BJD I just discovered and found absolutely beautiful (the custom work done on them helped)
– some less known cute or interesting dolls
– pictures of the Mottee samples
– pictures of the new Momolita items
– new doll from Zero Goods Universe/Momolita
– next Dollybird magazine and the related exhibition
– next Momoko releases, which I also photographed at the Ninita event, but still haven’t uploaded the pics

That’s all I can think of right now. But that will probably keep us busy for some time! 😉

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