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New J-Doll

I’m not usually the best fan of J-Doll. Some of them are nice, and can have nice concepts, but they really can’t compare to Momoko dolls in my eye. But today I discovered this new one announced by Groove, and I have to say I find her really cute.

She’s named Robson Street. I don’t know which country it comes from, and her outfit doesn’t really give me any clue.  But I really like her style! I like the different pieces of her outfit, the layered look and the bright colors. It gives her some personnality. Plus I tend to like JP/Groove’s wavy hair.

I don’t know when she’s supposed to be released exactly, I lost track of J-Doll’s releases and they didn’t tell it in the blog announcement.


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I didn’t know this maker, but I found those doll really funny and kind of cute with their gigantic head and innocent face. It seems they’re on an Obitsu 23cm body. I think maybe a less skinny body would look better on them. Maybe a custom body, or a Pure Neemo one?

They have two types of faces: ones with painted eyes and mouth, and ones with 3D eyes and mouth (I don’t know how to describe them).

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Unoa Light

They’ve been showing prototypes of those for quite some time at events… Sekiguchi is now finaly releasing the Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Unoa Light dolls! Preorders started on February 13 on their official webshop. The dolls should be out mid-March.

I like that the girl doesn’t have blond hair. All previous releases except one had blond hair! And it’s really not the color I find best for her. My favourite Fluorite so far is the only brunette, the 2007 Christmas doll. I found that her dark hair contrasted with her make-up and gave her a stronger personality. One could think, judging from the picture above, that she had a kind of short haircut, like a bob. But actually she has long straight hair :

If I would to get her (which I won’t), I think I’d try to cut her hair to give her a bob. It seems that it would look nice on her. I’m not extremely fond of her outfit, but I like the shirt. White shirts are basic items, and this one is pretty. Here is a close-up view of the Wolf:

Each doll is at 16,800 yens. All the pics I show here are from Sekiguchi’s official shop.

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First, I have to say that I don’t collect Barbie dolls. But of course as everyone I know them, and I loved to play with those I had as a child. Now that I’m grown up and know other dolls I’m not very fond of Barbie anymore. But I still like to look at the new releases from time to time. The other day I was browsing a japanese webshop and I stuppled upon a few dolls that I like. I thought I’d share them with you here.

Queen of hearts


The Flinstones dolls. Aren’t they faces funny? I like them. ^^

The Wicked Witch of the West

What do you think? I like them, they’re different from regular Barbie dolls. They have more interesting faces to me. The Wicked Witch especially (on this picture anyway, I haven’t seen her for real) has a very elegant face.

And there are many more dolls whose outfits I like. If most of the time I don’t like the whole dolls (or don’t like them enough to really care about them), I’m very fond of their outfits. I have to recognize they can really create wonderful dresses and outfits for their collector dolls.

I’m going to share one more Barbie picture before I go to bed. I’m not very fond of the doll’s face, but I really like her clothes. Not because they’re stunning, but because they are inspired by something I like: Beatrix Potter’s work.

Plus I love that kind of skirts. ^^

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mame Momoko

“mame Momoko” means “miniature Momoko”. I totally agree with you: they don’t look like Momoko. At all. Even not a simplified one. But somehow I got used to them and like them. I think they’re cute in their own way. Mine (I have several) are usually displayed on my bookshelf and don’t move much (I never change their clothes). I decided it was time to give them their own moment of fame. So this little one was choosen to embody an angel of winter for this week’s doll picture.

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