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Dolly news and new releases

So, I have a lot to write about ! The past weeks have been full of dolls & toys related stuff: events, exhibitions, news and new releases. For those of you who speak french, you can see an overview in two parts of all that on the french side of this blog. I have to admit I don’t have the courage to translate those posts in English right now. So instead I will split them and write several shorter notes. Since I plan to do a massive Flickr update this week, I will talk about the events as I show the pictures. No overview, I’ll write the detailed posts directly. And for the things I couldn’t photograph, I’ll talk about them in between.

Now let’s talk about dolly news!

My Little Candy is out! Her release date was last friday. I could see her exhibited before that at Junie Moon (no pics allowed). She’s very cute! And she really looks like a candy with her hair colors. So sweet!  The picture abovewas taken in a shop on Friday (you can find two others on my Flickr).

Doronjo is partially released. Those who preordered her on CWC’s websites already received her. I got to see her at Junie Moon too. She’s prettier in real life than on her promo pictures. Her outfit seems really well made, not a cheap looking leather, but something nice. Her chip-heart seemed smaller. In the promo pics it seemed to take the whole place in her eye, which bothered me. And her hair is a very nice shade. The only thing is that it seems to be rather thin. It made me think of my Sally Rice’s hair. You already can see a few pictures of her on Flickr.

– the next Momoko release should be up on the official site on March 1st. At least that’s what I understood from Namie Manabe’s blog. She was talking about her shooting. I can’t wait to see what she will look like!

– the CCS Back to Basics sets (the 09S/S collection) are on display at Azone (Akihabara) until March 10th. And this time they show the dolls with their final make-up and shoes! I already saw the clothes and doll-samples at the Dollshow, but the dolls were not complete at that time. And pictures were forbiden. The good news is that I can take pics in the Azone shop!! So be prepared for an update of my Flickr stream very soon with those beauties. And probably a note here about them too.

The other dolly news & new releases will have their own posts, hopefully today. ^^


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Happy Valentine’s day!

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New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

I didn’t take any good resolution this year. I’m not sure they’re really efficient. You don’t have to wait for the new year to take resolutions, I took mine before. But I decided to start a dolly blog! I’ve been thinking about it for months… and I thought the beginning year was a perfect time to finaly set it up. And as a bonus, this blog will be in three languages: French (my mother tongue) as I have some friends that are not very comfortable with English, English (you know it since you’re here), because it’s the international language, and Japanese, because I have japanese friends that are not comfortable with either French or English. But I’m bad in Japanese, so I’m not sure they will understand me better… ^^; You can find the link to the different blogs (couldn’t manage the three languages in one) on the right of this page.

What will this blog be about? Well, of course I will talk about me and my dolls, and show pictures of them. But I also want to talk about dolly news, and share my thoughts about events, exhibitions and meetings. I hope to make it an interesting adjunct to my Flickr account, where I only show pictures.

I hope this will be an interesting experience for everyone ! ^^ And please forgive me if I make mistakes in English… ^^;

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