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CCS Noble Punk

This doll is absolutely gorgeous. I totally fall in love with her each time I see her for real. She has a very strong character that I think few have. Most Momoko are beautiful. But this one really is special.

(picture taken at Petworks/CCS booth at Dollshow 25)


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CCS09AW “Puppy Garden”

Okay so now I’m officially disappointed in Petworks/CCS. Just as I finished typing my previous post I decided to check their information page, to see if there was any news. And there was. They updates it yesterday about the new collection: it will be composed of two sets.

And I’m so disappointed that they seem to definitely change their marketing method. It was a nice thing for once, but as a habit it’s not fun at all. I know from the start that I won’t be able to get a single item from the new collection, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. CCS was my favorite dolly brand by far, and now I won’t be able to buy their clothes anymore. That makes me sad. And feel like I totally doesn’t matter to them (or other people like me who can’t spend so much). I’m sure they have their reasons for doing that (they’re sure to get their money back right from the start), but it makes it seems like its all about money and not about the people. Of course it is. But you don’t have to show it like that.

They took the CCS dream away from me…

On the practical side: the sets will be 39,000 yens and once again sold on preorder through Azone. Preorder period is from June 1st to July 21st. They will be delivered in winter.

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Dollshow 25 ~ CCS

Petworks was showing the samples of the next CCS collection (for this autumn). Here is a selection of pictures, you can see the others on my Flickr (I’m not showing all color variations here).

(note the reappearance of the high boots)

Once again this new collection is very different from the previous ones. I don’t love all the pieces, but I do appreciate their originality.

They didn’t know yet whether the collection would be sold as a set or each pieces separately. I surely hope those will be separates! First, because I want to dream and I want other people to dream also. The sets are too constraining, you can’t buy a piece at a time (and they’re sold through preorder only, which means you have to buy them and then wait for half a year to get your clothes!). And while the idea of a unique set destined to give you a doll and basic pieces is nice, if they do it each time you can’t really talk of “starting sets” anymore.

And here is a pic of the yukata girls to come out this summer (the others are here).

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Funny surprise

I went back to the Odeco & Nikki event today. I wanted to take part in the lottery, and it was the last day to do so. And I had the suprise to find Siu Ding there! For those who wouldn’t know here, she’s the one behind Ixtee. She’s really nice, I’ve had the occasion to meet her a few times before while she was in Japan (for the Dollshow). I didn’t know she was in Japan now. She almost scared me: I was looking at something and suddenly I felt something jumping in my back. I turned and saw it was her! They’re in Japan for a few days for some holidays. She heard about the deconiki event and since she likes those dolls (it seems she has many) she thought she would go see it. They took some pictures, you should go check her Flickr maybe she will upload them later.

Saddly she won’t be here at the next Dollshow, there have been problems with her application. But she will come back at the end of April for another event. Their common brand with Momolita, Mottee, should be launched in April. I can’t wait to see what they will create! The drafts I got a glimpse of when I last saw Momolita-san were very exciting. 🙂

In Flickr-oriented news, one of the friends I was with today took a panoramic picture of the Mike Odeco-chan & Nikki (the one of a kind dolls). I don’t have it right now, but as soon as I can I will get a copy and upload it on Flickr. 🙂

And just to let you know, I went to the Momoko Ninita event on Monday, and have lots of pictures and news to share from there (future releases!!). Some of you probably already saw them on Japanese blogs. I’ll talk about it as quickly as I can.

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There are a few more pictures on my Flickr. The tee onepiece comes from the Kogumaza Collection vol.1 event held in Tokyo.

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For those who don’t already know it, CCS (Close-Clipped Sheep) is the name of the official Momoko brand. They release two collections per year: one for autumn/winter, and one for spring/summer. Each collection is made of several pieces of clothing and two dolls, all based on a given theme.


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The new Momoko is here! Or, at least, announced on the official website. ^^

Momoko has a lover from outer space, and dressed “techno pop” for him.

I like her. Not the “I totally want her, now!” kind of like. But I really like that she is original and has a lot of personnality. She doesn’t look like any previously released Momoko, and I really like that. I think her clothes might be popular. She has a strong retro look. Not what I prefer, but it’s nice. It certainly looks great on her. I also like that she’s got the new T-strap pumps. They look nice in that black&white design. Things I like best from her stock outfit: the tights (purple tights!) and her clear bracelet.

I’m not so much into the doll itself… really, that hair ?? :s Is it getting popular again? First there’s the PK023 Pinky Street, and now the new Momoko… I’m really not into that kind of hair. Plus I think it prevents from really enjoying her face-up. She’s got purple eyes, a straigt look (which is nice for a change), a make-up that seems pretty, I should love that! But no, something gets in the way. And it might be her hair. That said, it doesn’t look as bad on the pictures where it’s a little “pointy”. I hope she will come that way and not with the “helmet” hairstyle. I guess we’ll see when she comes out…

I really hope she will get a positive welcome, because as I said I really like the fact that she stands out. She’s a really nice concept. And isn’t she pretty on the picture above?

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