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DollyDolly 19

“Licca-chan”, you said?

This is the cover of the next DollyDolly. I can’t tell you much more about it now, it will have to wait until it’s out and I bring it back home with me. I can’t wait!


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I just wrote a review of the book for another website, I thought it could be interesting to add it here also. For those of you who are curious. ^^

はじめましておでこちゃんとニッキ (よみきかせえほん) はじめまして おでこちゃんとニッキ by まなべなみえ

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book is based on a series of dolls created by Petworks (a Japanese company): Odeco-chan and Nikki. One of the doll, Odeco, is a little girl, and the other, Nikki, is a cat. They’re always released two by two, one of each type, and are supposed to be best friends. Each release comes with a cute card featuring an illustration and sometimes a little comic strip. They’re always very cute. I started collecting the cards even before I got really interested in the dolls.

This book is an illustrations book, mainly targeted at children and fans of Odeco-chan & Nikki. The illustrations were made by the usual illustrator and author who work of their story. It tells the story of how Odeco-chan and Nikki got to know each other and become friends.

It’s a very cute story. Of course it’s in Japanese, but since it’s targeted at children it’s very simple japanese that any beginner should be able to read (it’s written in hiragana and katakana) and understand. And I guess the illustrations are probably enough to understand what’s happening. I didn’t except to really like that book (I had a look at it because I collect the dolls), but I did. After reading it I had to get a copy. It’s so cute and refreshing. If you like children illustrated books and cute little friendship stories (it’s quite simple and short though), you might like this book. 🙂 Or if you like the Odeco & Nikki dolls of course!

In other news, I came back one again to the anniversary event on Saturday. They were doing a small signature session! I got my copy signed, as well as the copy I was offering for sale. And I got two more copies, one for a present and another one for you to get (aka, to sell)! So now I have two signed copies that I won’t keep. I’ve been contacted by two persons for them though, so they’re on hold. I’m waiting for their definitive answer. If you’re interested you can still contact me and I’ll put you in line in case they don’t take them. Both authors were here, the illustrator and Manabe-san. I’m not sure what was Manabe-san’s role? Invent/write the story? Write the text? I didn’t think of asking. ^^;

But I did ask some questions to Sekiguchi/Petworks’ manager (actually I’m not sure exactly what his role is, but he’s always there to the events). The PostPet plush that was displayed will be released. But they don’t know yet when or how (like in CCS/deconiki handling stores or PostPet stores?). The future key-chains (the pink ones and the Mirai no Odeco&Nikki ones) should be out by the end of summer. And they still do not know whether they will release the cloth Odeco & Nikki dolls. They want to, but they’re studying the cost and how it could be made. And I got the confirmation that there won’t be any piece of CCS clothing for sale outside of the CCS09S/S sets this summer. Only the sets. And maaaybeeee, some yukata dolls. But it’s not for sure. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you should have a look at my pictures from the event on Flickr. 😉

I’ll leave you with a panoramic view of the one of a kind Mike no Odeco-chan & Nikki dolls, taken by a friend. Very impressive picture. ^^

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Good news!

The new Dolly Dolly magazine (n°19) will be out at the beginning of April!! I just saw the news on Robochris’ newsletter. I can’t wait!! I love those magazines! I read two Haute Doll, browsed through some Dollybirds and DollyStyle, and I think Dolly Dolly really is my favourite by far. It’s cute, has lots of nice pictures, dolly news, interesting articles and lots of patterns for the dolls I own. Of course it speaks mainly about japanese events, artists, and dolls you can find here, but living in Japan it’s very interesting for me. And sometimes you have articles about international artists too. If you’ve never read any Dolly Dolly, maybe you should try one? Appart from articles roughly centered on a main theme there are also dolly news, and regular pages featuring different dolls (Momolita x Licca, Odeco & Nikki, Pose dolls, …).

The next issue’s theme seems to be Licca-chan. Does that mean lots of Licca-chan patterns that you can use for Blythe? I hope so! ;p

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