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New blog

The new blog is ready! It took a bit longer than expected but I think everything is working now. The only thing that still needs some work is for me to receive emails when a comment is awaiting moderation, so please be patient if I don’t accept your comments right away.

Here is the new address: Songes de poupées !

I hope to see you there! ^_^


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No I’m not moving… not yet. But the blog is!

I’ve been planning that for quite some time, I’m moving the blog to its own hosting and a “real” wordpress. This will allow, among other things, to have the three different languages in one place. Yoohoo! I imported all posts and comments from those blogs into the new one yesterday. It was a lot of work to reorganize all this inside the multi-language blog. ^^; But I think the biggest part of the new blog is set up now. In the meantime I’ve disabled comments here on old posts, so that people can’t post new comments that would be lost (i.e. not in the new one). The present blogs will stay, but I’d like all activity from now on to move to the new one.

There are still a few things to change before it is viewable, please wait a little. I’ll update here with the new address as soon as it’s ready (or ready enough to be used, even if some tiny details still need editing).

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New J-Doll

I’m not usually the best fan of J-Doll. Some of them are nice, and can have nice concepts, but they really can’t compare to Momoko dolls in my eye. But today I discovered this new one announced by Groove, and I have to say I find her really cute.

She’s named Robson Street. I don’t know which country it comes from, and her outfit doesn’t really give me any clue.  But I really like her style! I like the different pieces of her outfit, the layered look and the bright colors. It gives her some personnality. Plus I tend to like JP/Groove’s wavy hair.

I don’t know when she’s supposed to be released exactly, I lost track of J-Doll’s releases and they didn’t tell it in the blog announcement.

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CCS Noble Punk

This doll is absolutely gorgeous. I totally fall in love with her each time I see her for real. She has a very strong character that I think few have. Most Momoko are beautiful. But this one really is special.

(picture taken at Petworks/CCS booth at Dollshow 25)

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