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Funny surprise

I went back to the Odeco & Nikki event today. I wanted to take part in the lottery, and it was the last day to do so. And I had the suprise to find Siu Ding there! For those who wouldn’t know here, she’s the one behind Ixtee. She’s really nice, I’ve had the occasion to meet her a few times before while she was in Japan (for the Dollshow). I didn’t know she was in Japan now. She almost scared me: I was looking at something and suddenly I felt something jumping in my back. I turned and saw it was her! They’re in Japan for a few days for some holidays. She heard about the deconiki event and since she likes those dolls (it seems she has many) she thought she would go see it. They took some pictures, you should go check her Flickr maybe she will upload them later.

Saddly she won’t be here at the next Dollshow, there have been problems with her application. But she will come back at the end of April for another event. Their common brand with Momolita, Mottee, should be launched in April. I can’t wait to see what they will create! The drafts I got a glimpse of when I last saw Momolita-san were very exciting. 🙂

In Flickr-oriented news, one of the friends I was with today took a panoramic picture of the Mike Odeco-chan & Nikki (the one of a kind dolls). I don’t have it right now, but as soon as I can I will get a copy and upload it on Flickr. 🙂

And just to let you know, I went to the Momoko Ninita event on Monday, and have lots of pictures and news to share from there (future releases!!). Some of you probably already saw them on Japanese blogs. I’ll talk about it as quickly as I can.

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It’s the third anniversary event for Odeco-chan & Nikki. They organize such an event each year. This time it’s held at Parco (Shibuya, Tokyo) until April 1st, for those who are in Tokyo and are interested. It’s a cute little event.

I’m going to describe quickly what was there, you can find all the pictures on Flickr.

This is the birthday cake they made that displays all the releases so far. It’s a pièce montée, the dolls standing up at the border of each floor. It’s nice to see them all together!

Two dolls whose outfits were made by Kanihoru for a photoshoot published in Spoon magazine. The issue is about forest, so those are “forest girls”. They wear natural clothes and are in a nice forest display. I really like their clothes!

A second book about Odeco-chan & Nikki is about to be released. It’s a illustration book, as good for children as it is for Deconiki fans. ^^ It’s really cute, and talk about how they met and got friends. The event exhibits some of the drawings in bigger size and the real dolls based on the characters.

There’s having an early sale of the book at the event. When you buy it there you get a folded card with a drawing and a picture of the dolls and the pattern of their dress.

A few custom dolls made for an earlier event and exhibited again here.

They have past releases of Odeco-chan & Nikki redressed in various clothes from stock outfits, outfit sets and CCS clothing. Some of them are wearing shoes from two new shoe sets that are going to be released next month (and presold here at the event). Il really like the colors of those new sets (the types of shoes are the same, only the colors change). You can see the sets here and here.

Impressive, isn’t it? This is a wall of one of kind Odeco-chan and Nikki. There are 150 dolls of each, and all are different. Variations for Odeco are: skin color (fair, normal, tan), hair cut (bob or longer curly hair), hair color (a mix of different colors) and the eyes. Variations for Nikki are: the eyes and the shape and color of her patches (always two different colors, the base being white). And they have different kinds of dresses. All are based on the under-dress/slip from the Dreambox dolls, but in different colors: plain blue, pink or mint green, or two kinds of paid. They all are very lovely, it’s very difficult to pick a favourite! They are sold via a lottery. You can choose up to three of each (so six in total) until March 25 (tomorrow). They will announce the winners later, who will then be able to buy them. They’re at 10,500 yens each. I tried to take pictures of lots of different kinds so you could have a good idea of what they created, the pictures are on Flickr.

A great thing was that they are showing future releases. Here are the next Odeco-chan & Nikki dolls, “Aozora no Odeco-chan & Nikki” (“blue sky”):

They have the same characteristics as the dolls sold at the anniversary events the previous years, even though they’re not sold at the anniversary event. They’re planned for May. I don’t like Odeco’s wig, but I like Nikki’s color. It’s very bright but I like it.
Here are the next key-chain dolls to be released:

They also had Odeco & Nikki fabric dolls, and a Post-Pet plush, but I’m not sure whether they will release them or not. And about key-chains, they are selling a new type at the event, which looks like the one of a kind dolls. They’re really cute! I didn’t take a picture at the event, so here is one taken at home:

They also had the first Odeco & Nikki book, so finally I was able to look at it. It’s very cute, much more than I thought! It tells small stories through drawings, like a mini-comic strip. It the same style as in the latest cards that come with the dolls. After each story you have a picture of the related dolls, and at the end of the book you can find the patterns of the outfits. I’m totally adding it to my wishlist for later!

And as we speak about products for sale, I have a few items from the event available for sale. They’re not sold anywhere else for now, it’s your chance! Here they are:
– one copy of the new book with its limited card
– one of each of the new shoes set
– one of each of the new key-chain
You can send me an email at lholy_chan [[at]] yahoo [[dot]] fr for more info.

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Ready to go!

Here is our latest Pinky ! My husband is a researcher (right now he’s doing his PhD), and as such he has to travel to go to conferences and meetings. One of my Flickr contacts’ husband bring one of her Blythe doll when he travels. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and a nice way to have a part of you going with your significant other. So we decided my husband would bring a Pinky Street with him on his next travel. He chose the one he prefered from those currently on sale in Japan, and I brought her home for him! That’s how this cute little lady arrived ten days ago. ^^

This picture was taken on Monday night, while they were both preparing to leave the day after. They’re now in the U.S.A. Sadly my husband doesn’t have any SD card reader on the computer he brought with him, so the pictures will have to wait until they come back.

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I received those clothes some time ago from a French doll collector, Pistache. She knew I liked gingham, so she sent me those. Isn’t it adorable? I was very happy. ^^ Thank you very much Pistache!! Sadly I haven’t have time yet to try them on my girls and take pictures…

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Let’s talk about the new Prima! I got to see them at Junie Moon some time ago. Of course I couldn’t take pictures, but I can share what I saw and thought about them. ^^ First, here are the official pics.

Adorable Aubrey

Winsome Willow

Heather Sky

I have to say I was a little disappointed by their dresses when I saw those pics. That bell shape is not the best looking kind of dress you can find. I would have prefered flared skirts to that.

I found their dresses a little less disappointing for real. Maybe it’s the way they were placed in the shelf, but they looked better. Not perfect, but better. And Winsome Willow was really cuter. She’s not really pretty in her promo shot, but she is in real life. More plain than her sisters (to me at least), but cute. Heather Sky has tanned skin, but not very dark. They said in her description that it would be Roxy’s colour, and it seems to be the case. But I can’t be 100% sure that it’s the exact same color, because I don’t own Roxy and I didn’t see any in the shop to compare.

Aubrey is my personnal favourite. I love redhead dolls! And this one definitely is adorable! I wasn’t disappointed. She made me think of Last Kiss: long straight red hair, fair skin. But I’m sure you would find them to be quite different if you put them side by side. There was a Last Kiss doll not far away, so I was able to compare them. Aubrey’s hair is darker, less vivid and orange. Their make-up is different, and maybe they skin will be too, since I know there are different shades of fair skin. And of course their eye-chips are different: Last Kiss has two beautiful special colors (see here) when Aubrey only has default chips (see here).

The result is that I still can’t decide which readhead I want to add to my Blythe family: Last Kiss, Friendly Freckles or Adorable Aubrey? They’re quite different, each of them having its own qualities, and I can’t tell which one I prefer… does that mean I should still wait for another redhead, that would stand out from the others and scream to me “adopt me now!”?

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There are a few more pictures on my Flickr. The tee onepiece comes from the Kogumaza Collection vol.1 event held in Tokyo.

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Good news!

The new Dolly Dolly magazine (n°19) will be out at the beginning of April!! I just saw the news on Robochris’ newsletter. I can’t wait!! I love those magazines! I read two Haute Doll, browsed through some Dollybirds and DollyStyle, and I think Dolly Dolly really is my favourite by far. It’s cute, has lots of nice pictures, dolly news, interesting articles and lots of patterns for the dolls I own. Of course it speaks mainly about japanese events, artists, and dolls you can find here, but living in Japan it’s very interesting for me. And sometimes you have articles about international artists too. If you’ve never read any Dolly Dolly, maybe you should try one? Appart from articles roughly centered on a main theme there are also dolly news, and regular pages featuring different dolls (Momolita x Licca, Odeco & Nikki, Pose dolls, …).

The next issue’s theme seems to be Licca-chan. Does that mean lots of Licca-chan patterns that you can use for Blythe? I hope so! ;p

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