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Unoa Light

They’ve been showing prototypes of those for quite some time at events… Sekiguchi is now finaly releasing the Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Unoa Light dolls! Preorders started on February 13 on their official webshop. The dolls should be out mid-March.

I like that the girl doesn’t have blond hair. All previous releases except one had blond hair! And it’s really not the color I find best for her. My favourite Fluorite so far is the only brunette, the 2007 Christmas doll. I found that her dark hair contrasted with her make-up and gave her a stronger personality. One could think, judging from the picture above, that she had a kind of short haircut, like a bob. But actually she has long straight hair :

If I would to get her (which I won’t), I think I’d try to cut her hair to give her a bob. It seems that it would look nice on her. I’m not extremely fond of her outfit, but I like the shirt. White shirts are basic items, and this one is pretty. Here is a close-up view of the Wolf:

Each doll is at 16,800 yens. All the pics I show here are from Sekiguchi’s official shop.


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Doll Flea Market

On February 7 Koenji Shorin was helding a small doll flea market. Koenji Shorin is a bookstore/tea house in Koenji, a suburb of Tokyo, which is regularly welcoming dolly events. I’ve been there once before, last summer, for Yatabazah’s exhibition. It’s a very small place, but very welcoming. I like its atmosphere, it seems very causy and warm. Maybe because there’s wood everywhere, and the shelves are full of books and cute little things. It seems like a friendly mess. ^_^ You want to look at everything, discover the treasures it hides. The lady who seems to own the place is very nice, and the food, although a little expensive for my taste (but it’s not surprising for a place like that in Tokyo), is good. I had a piece of cake and a “rose hip tea” that day. Look at the wonderful color of this tea (and I love the tea pot and tea cup also).

I spent the whole afternoon there. My friend Hiroko had invited me to come if I wanted. It was a really nice day, with wonderful people. Spending all the afternoon in a “japanese only” environnment was a little difficult, especially since I was already tired when arriving. ^^; I had to admit that sometimes I just couldn’t follow what was going on around. But even with that it was fun, and I was really happy to be there. There were not many customers, the big rush having been right at the beginning, so we had lots of time to talk. At some point only the sellers and their friends were there, and we were filling the place! I don’t own how customers could have come. XD We admired each others creations (like Mihiru’s new doll or Daisy-D’s rabbit, which you can see below). Someone brought the last Tiny Besty release and she was passed along. She has a really cute dress! It seems it’s the first time they do such a hairstyle, it was a big hit.

After the flea market some of us went to a neighbour coffee place. I didn’t know it (I don’t know this area well), but it was really nice. We spent about an hour or two there, talking a little more. I got to know some persons I see at events better. They were all very nice to me, trying to make efforts to speal more slowly or explain to me what they were talking (because sometimes they were all speaking at the same time and very quickly, aouch!). It was  a  very pleasant time. I’m so happy I got to meet those wonderful people! They’re so friendly and welcoming, it’s incredible. I really like them, and I’m thankful to Hiroko for talking to me in the first place and helping me get in touch with people.  Since I’m a foreigner and Japanese people are often not comfortable with English, they don’t always dare talk with me. And since I’m shy and my Japanese is not the best (far from it), I didn’t dare talk to them. ^^; But with a little help, after they saw we could talk and understand each other, I got to meet really nice people through doll events. I’m really glad about that.

And it’s not only with those persons, Japanese people in general can be so nice at times, even when they don’t know you. It’s not big things, but small words, smiles. Of course I’m not saying all Japanese are always nice and all. But I get more smiles and nice words here than I got in France. It might be simple courtesy, or out of habit or obligation (for clerks for example), but even if they don’t mean them deep down inside it makes life so easier. It can really change a day from ordinary or bad to lovely. That day was such a day, and that evening I was thinking that I was really lucky to get those precious moments of hapiness in my life. Even with all the bad things hapening in life, it’s worth it, because we have those good times. I’m sorry I’m getting away from the first topic of the post, but I think it’s important that we talk about that sometimes, because we should always see those simple good things.

To come back to the main subject, you can see all the pictures I took at the flea market on my Flickr, here.

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Bloomy Bloomsbury

At first I thought I wouldn’t like that girl much. I’m not a huge Jane Marple fan. I like a piece from time to time, but not all their collections. The drawing didn’t appeal to me much. But then arrived the official pictures… and I found her very pretty!

I like her clothes and soft looks. But the thing is that on those pictures we can’t really see the difference between her and the other Blythe, and what makes the new FBL mold so special. That makes me think that the final doll might give me a different feeling than with those pictures. And of course I certainly do not have the money to buy her, so in the end it doesn’t really matter whether I like her or not… ^^; But still, I’m as curious as everyone about this new face type.

And guess what? I got to see her for real! I was so excited. She’s on display at the Blythe Fashion Obsession ~ Feminine Flavor ~ exhibition that takes place at the Yûrakuchô Marui One. No pictures allowed of course, and no touching. She was on a top shelf, so I couldn’t get as good a view as I would have liked. But she really seemed different from the SBL and RBL molds. She has those “bigger eyes” that the older Blythe seem to have.  And that you can’t really see on the comparison picture posted on the official site. You can see a few pictures of her taken at an event in Thailand here. The definitely give a better idea of what she looks like.

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New Pinky

They’re out also, so here are other pictures taken in shops. ^_^




I still like PK022. Her outfits are great! And I still don’t like PK024’s face. My husband actually likes it, because he thinks it’s funny to have a bad Pinky. But I’m not really into her. ^^; And I might like her pink and black outfit a litte less, I don’t know why. But I’m really unsure about my opinion on 0K023. I’m starting to think that she’s kinda cute… that’s bad!! >.<

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Obake no Odeco-chan & Nikki

The Obake Odeco-chan & Nikki are out since last week! Odeco-chan seems to be very popular: Azone didn’t have any left when I went there on Saturday. So I only took Nikki’s picture. But I had pics of Odeco-chan taken at the Dollshow. You can find them on my Flickr (in the “Dollshow 24” set).

This Nikki is nice, but not for me after all. I like the idea of a pink x purple cat, but the pink is too bright for me. she wouldn’t fit well with my little Lili (Vacances no Nikki).  I’d love a pale pink x light purple Nikki. Mmm, yummy!  So I guess I will just admire her on other people’s picture. Odeco is another story! I really like her. But you will probably read more about that later…

I love the little drawing on their box:
Each deconiki box is plain brown with a little sticker that shows a drawing and a picture of the doll inside, so you know which one you’re buying. And this one is really cute! Look at their spooky faces! ^_^

And for those worrying about Odeco-chan’s make-up after the officiale pics were released: I think she looks the same as in the pictures of the Dollshow I uploaded. She’s very very pale, has pink blush and dark purple (I think it’s purple) shadow around her eyes. Here is a picture of both of them that show her skin color quite well I think (the eye shadow might be slightly darker) :

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Dolly news and new releases

So, I have a lot to write about ! The past weeks have been full of dolls & toys related stuff: events, exhibitions, news and new releases. For those of you who speak french, you can see an overview in two parts of all that on the french side of this blog. I have to admit I don’t have the courage to translate those posts in English right now. So instead I will split them and write several shorter notes. Since I plan to do a massive Flickr update this week, I will talk about the events as I show the pictures. No overview, I’ll write the detailed posts directly. And for the things I couldn’t photograph, I’ll talk about them in between.

Now let’s talk about dolly news!

My Little Candy is out! Her release date was last friday. I could see her exhibited before that at Junie Moon (no pics allowed). She’s very cute! And she really looks like a candy with her hair colors. So sweet!  The picture abovewas taken in a shop on Friday (you can find two others on my Flickr).

Doronjo is partially released. Those who preordered her on CWC’s websites already received her. I got to see her at Junie Moon too. She’s prettier in real life than on her promo pictures. Her outfit seems really well made, not a cheap looking leather, but something nice. Her chip-heart seemed smaller. In the promo pics it seemed to take the whole place in her eye, which bothered me. And her hair is a very nice shade. The only thing is that it seems to be rather thin. It made me think of my Sally Rice’s hair. You already can see a few pictures of her on Flickr.

– the next Momoko release should be up on the official site on March 1st. At least that’s what I understood from Namie Manabe’s blog. She was talking about her shooting. I can’t wait to see what she will look like!

– the CCS Back to Basics sets (the 09S/S collection) are on display at Azone (Akihabara) until March 10th. And this time they show the dolls with their final make-up and shoes! I already saw the clothes and doll-samples at the Dollshow, but the dolls were not complete at that time. And pictures were forbiden. The good news is that I can take pics in the Azone shop!! So be prepared for an update of my Flickr stream very soon with those beauties. And probably a note here about them too.

The other dolly news & new releases will have their own posts, hopefully today. ^^

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Happy Valentine’s day!

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