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New Prima

It’s probable that everyone has already seen them by now. ^^ I don’t know why Takara still bothers releasing the news earlier on the phone website since the pics get posted on the Internet anyway. I went to check on my keitai when I saw the first drawings appear on Flickr yesterday evening (that picture is from Flickr by the way).

From left to right: Adorable Aubrey, Winsome Willow and Heather Sky. As you can guess Adorable Aubrey is another variation around the original Aubrey doll. I guess she really is popular! She will have white skin and I guess the same hair color as all Aubrey. Winsome Willow has natural skin. And they say Heather Sky has a dark skin like Roxy Baby. A lot of people believe from the drawing that she will actually be darker than Roxy. And a friend pointed out that in Japanese they used the word “black skin”, when usually they say “tanned skin”. But I’ve learned that Takara’s drawing are often deceitful, so for now I choose to believe the “like Roxy Baby” part rather than believe this one will be darker. Maybe the use of “black skin” is just because Roxy Baby had a darker skin than their regular tanned skin dolls…

It seems a lot of people are really pleased with those, and will impatiently wait for the pictures. I have to say I’m a little excited by them also. But not for the same reason I guess. I’m not crazy about black blythe and am not impatiently waiting for Takara to release one. Actually my favourite from the drawing is Aubrey: fair skin and red hair? Right for me! But it’s more than just this doll. I think they created a really nice set of Prima this time! Look at them. Aren’t they cute all together on this drawing? They have simple outfits, yes, but really usable. Those dresses are lovely, and with the shoes and headband they have a complete outfit that looks cute. It smells of freshness, spring, innocence, sun and laughing. Plus I really like their long straight hair and the gentle look it give them. Maybe they chose the perfect time to announce them: at the middle of winter, the coldest time of the year for the northern hemisphere, we all need a little piece of sunshine in our lifes to remember joy and warmth. This drawing is bringing me just that in this dull day (it’s been raining since yesterday evening… isn’t winter in Japan supposed to be dry ? 😦 ). And I’m sure people will like the retro feel they have (maxi dress, sandals, long hair with hairband).

Now to the commercial details: they will be at 8400 yens each, and they’re planned for March.

My final word: you did a great job with the concept of those Takara, don’t screw up now!


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mame Momoko

“mame Momoko” means “miniature Momoko”. I totally agree with you: they don’t look like Momoko. At all. Even not a simplified one. But somehow I got used to them and like them. I think they’re cute in their own way. Mine (I have several) are usually displayed on my bookshelf and don’t move much (I never change their clothes). I decided it was time to give them their own moment of fame. So this little one was choosen to embody an angel of winter for this week’s doll picture.

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My Little Candy

RBL, natural skin. To be released in February, Top Shop limited, 13,440 yens. She’s got a new kind of hair with mesh in a different color.

She’s cute, I like her sweet and harmonious colors. And aren’t those two special colors?? I’m curious about this new hair, I can’t wait to see how it looks like for real. I think she’s got a vintage feel with those outfit and hairstyle.

I was really surprised to see that she’s going to be released in February. We already have Friendly Freckles at the beginning of that month! At least if she was really limited I would have understood, but Top Shop limited is much less limited that CWC or Toys’R Us limited. There are many Top Shops in Japan. We even have one in my town! I guess it will be bad for some wallets, two temptations in the same month… ^^;

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Pinky Street ~ 8th series

This isn’t related to the Dollshow, but I’ve already talked about it on the french part of the blog. I don’t want to be too late to write the other versions. ^^;

So, let’s talk about Pinky Street! Some time ago Vance Project revealed the next series of Pinky! They’re planned for the end of this month. They introduce new clothes that I once again find very interesting. I think I’m addicted to Pinky Street… ^^; Before I talk about what I like and don’t like in them, let’s see those pictures!




What do you think?? Isn’t there great material?

I love the PK022. She’s going directly on my Pinky whishable-list!! I love the new haircut. And the hair color, although quite common, works very well with it. I love her first outfit: the skirt, top and bag are great pieces, and I really like their colors! I’m not so fond of the shoes, but they’re not so bad. I like them better in dark colors like this than in white like the PK024 has. Her second outfit is simple but cute, and made in easy to coordinate colors, which is great. I love to coordinate the different Pinky parts to create new outfits. This outfits is perfect for winter, which is great because I don’t have so many warm clothes for Pinky. I like that they added fur boots to collection of shoes. ^^

I’m not very fond of PK023… she has nice eye and hair colors, but I’m really not into her hairstyle. And I’m not too crazy about her smile. Judging from the picture anyway, this might change when I see her for real. Her clothes are nice, but for each outfit I like the other colorway better. Especially for the second outfit. The thing I love is her beige boots. I’d really like to get them! They’re even better in those colors than in black. I almost bought myself a pair of fur boots in those colors last week. 🙂 And I like the camera, it’s a nice accessory.

Now to PK024. I love her hair and eye color (I love purple and I really like curly hair), but I don’t like her mean look. :s There are other purple-eyes girls with softer looks that I prefer. So I guess she won’t be on my wishlist… As for her clothes… that’s another story! I love her first outfit! This outfit in pink and black is so cute! For New Year I thought about doing a party picture with all my Pinky, but I realized I didn’t have enough fancy outfits for that. This one would definitely be a fancy outfit! I really like the white top with the purple butterfly too. Did I mention that I like purple very much? ^^ I like her skirt’s shape but I’m not sure about the color. It might be difficult to coordinate…

So all in all I think this new series is quite cute. Wait, don’t I say that for all new Pinky releases? It seems I really like those little plastic creatures. ^^; It’s funny because I really see a pattern in the last three regular series they announced (the ones that were released after I really got into Pinky): each time I’m crazy about one girl, I like another one but maybe not enough to get her (but I love part of her clothes), and I don’t want the third one but I wouldn’t mind getting some parts of her. I should check the older series to see if it’s the same.

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Today I went to the Dollshow in Tokyo. ^_^

I think we can say it’s the biggest doll event in Tokyo. Four floors full of people selling stuff for dolls. Hundreds of visitors who come here to buy, see, play, see their friends. I love those events, although they’re very tiring. Especially when you stay the whole time (from 11am to 4pm) and arrive earlier than 11 to get a chance to have a good number ticket. They give you a ticket when you buy your pamphlet (which describes the shops at each floor). If you arrive earlier than let’s say 9:30/10am, you have to pick your ticket randomly. I guess they do that to prevent people from sleeping there the night before. ^^; When you arrive after, you get them in your order of arrival, but usually I guess you won’t have a number under 500 or 600… Some items here are in very limited quantities, and if you’re interested in those you’d better be there before that. I’ve learned that from experience.

Usually I stay the whole time because you really need that time to see and photograph everything. And now that I have friends there, I chat a lot more, so even that is not enough! ^^; Although I can’t complain that I get to talk with them, because I love that, and it’s a big part of the fun of going there now. If you go each time you get used to it, and it doesn’t seem as magical the 5th time as it was the first. This is sad, I know, but it’s true. :s I think that part of it though comes from the fact that I’m not able to spend as much money now as I could the first times. If you can’t buy, you just take pictures, and then after some time some things look the same. But don’t get me wrong, I will go to the future Dollshow, because even if I get used to it a little, I still love it! I don’t want to miss any.

Today I got to meet Bubujojo, who was there for the first time. She’s really nice! And I’m happy I got to see her work for real (I had seen Jardin de Money when she was exhibited, but it’s not exactly the same), because she makes really cute stuff! I was surprised to see a two foreigners that I didn’t know, among whom one journalist it seems.  And of course I got to see my friends and the people I met before once more, which made me really happy!! I talked a lot with some of them. And I could give them the address of this blog with the brand new cards I made on Friday. ^^ But I’m afraid I forgot to give it to some people, I’m not used to it yet… :s Hopefully I will be able to give them the cards next time!

I thought I had taken less pictures than what I’m used too, because I got late and had to skip more than half of the 5th floor (didn’t get to see Each Style’s booth or the display by F.L.C. for the Hajimete no DCR at Graphic-sha booth -_- ) and got quite quickly through the 4th, but I still have more than 500. So please be patient, I want to start uploading them on Flickr next week, but I don’t know how long it will take, since I have to sort and resize them. I’ll try to write some reports here if I have interesting things to say about some of them. 🙂

And now I’m going to bed because it’s all I dream of since I came back home! See you soon. ^^

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Sushi love

Pinky Street also love sushi…

From top to bottom : tuna, salmon and inari (rice inside fried tofu).

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16 things about me

Those of you who are on Flickr will recognize the meme that is currently spreading there. I thought it could be intersting to add my answer to the meme here on my blog.

So, here are 16 things about me:

1. I love reading and I love books.
2. I love eating. But I hate cooking my meals when I’m alone at home. I generally end up eating something basic very quickly.
3. I feel younger than I really am. I get mentally stuck at one age for several years. Think it began at 17, I felt like seventeen for like two or three years. Then at 20 I felt like 18 or 19, etc.
4. I never had any pets but I love cats.
5. I want to have children.
6. I love corduroy.
7. I look a lot like my mother. And it’s not only about looks, but also the way I speak and act. It’s scary.
8. Once I start something I’m usually quite efficient, but sometimes it takes me a long time to actually start.
9. I’m very girly for some things, and very un-girly for others.
10. I wear very little make-up, and not everyday. Usually my hair and face is natural. The only time I went for a full make-up was for my wedding (and it looked good! 🙂 ).
11. I was part of a pop-rock band at school, and I really miss it… :s
12. I don’t like being cold. Especially if it’s cold and humid (the good thing about winter in Japan is that it’s dry). My hands and feet and nose are always cold in winter.
13. I like to organize, sort and list things.
14. My friends and family are very very important to me. I love them a lot. My feelings for them don’t fade, even when I don’t see them very often (which is the case now, being in Japan)
15. I have a problem with long distance communication: email, letters… I want to write and send them but I don’t do it as often as I should, even though I think of the people I care for a lot. Which is a problem with number 14, because people might think I forget them.
16. I love living in Japan right now, and I don’t want to think of the day I will have to leave. 😦

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